Device finder

Finding the make and model of something is easy, but the way you do it depends on the type of device you need help with.

Search for your device

To find your phone, tablet or home broadband router, you need to enter an IMEI number into our search tool below. An IMEI is a 15-digit number that's unique to each device.

Don't know your IMEI number?

No problem, let's help you find it.

For phones

Simply dial *#06# and you IMEI will pop up.

For tablets

Open your settings and go to About tablet. You'll see the number there.

For home broadband routers

The make will be on the front or top of your router, while the model code is on a sticker on the bottom.

Alternatively, you can find your IMEI on a sticker on the back or bottom of most routers. You could also check the user manual for instructions on accessing your IMEI through your router's software.

Finding a mobile broadband device

You won't need an IMEI number to do this. Instead, you can simply find the make and model details on the device.

Mobile hotspots

The make is usually on the front, and the model code is on a sticker either on the bottom or underneath the battery.

USB modem (dongle)

The make is usually on the top of the device, with the model code on the rear.